Jan. 13th, 2011

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Dear, Beloved Authors,

Please do not get prickly when you do not agree with my suggested corrections. They are merely that, suggestions, and I have no ego in this project. My only purpose is to make you look good, so if you wish to write a report that spouts two or three statistics (and often four or five) in a single sentence... indeed, in each sentence... exact, to the decimal point, and bristling with % across the page... AND include the Annex and Table Number in which each set of statistics might be found, right there in the body of your report, in demure parentheses, far be it from me to move these parenthese'ed references to the footnotes, or try to suggest that, in a report, a more narrative approach would better serve your audience.

And if you are writing about something in a country whose language of diplomacy is still French, but the main client of your report is British, might I suggest that, even though you yourself are French Canadian, the use of commas to mark the radix point, rather than the British standard point, might be a bit annoying for the people interested in funding your further research into this program?

But as I said, this isn't my work. This is yours. I have agonized for hours over each Franglais phrase you've mangled into your report. I've offered you three and four different interpretations of a single sentence, where the placement of a comma radically alters the intended meaning. These are the details I wish for you to approve or not, with the understanding that I am sympathetic to your situation. I myself could not have written a sentence of this report in French. I am here to make you look good.

So please, do not get snooty and pissy with me about anything I have suggested.  Simply go through the document and accept or reject items as you will.

Not that there will be a next time for us, but next time? Don't accept all changes to a document and THEN find issue with my suggestions. I now have to cross reference your submitted document with my original changes and painstakingly verify, myself, that the meaning is accurate, or write yet another comment asking you that you do this, yourself. You know. That thing you were supposed to do two weeks ago?




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