Mar. 28th, 2011

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I'm on my way back from dropping KoE at school, with a detour to the mall to pick up an app store gift certificate.

There's a good chance that Apple didn't let us down and KoE's iPod Touch will arrive today. Not that I'm home to receive it. I have faith.

I sold the glass-fronted cabinets that housed a mountain of junk but were wrong for our dining room.

My folks are coming over for dinner tonight. I have a metric ton of stuff to shift in a house without room.

Then I have to get dinner into the crock pot. Make a birthday cake. Clean the house.

And somehow get two pots of soup to the church this afternoon for the simple supper, without a car. Maybe I'll get a Zip car for an hour.

And that's just today'a madness. There are three websites to design tis week.
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When i was a little girl, I had a red, lucite doll house. I was fascinated by it. Translucent. Red. No normal people could live in that house, but oh the adventures we had.  I think it was mostly a home on the moon, or in outer space, to me. Very Courbusier in its lines.

I remember retreating to that doll house when my mom had a 'friend' over. I had lots of places in which to escape when that nasty man came over. All of those places were in my head.

I do remember a lovely man, Uncle Paul, I called him. I don't think my mom ever dated him, though I'm sure he had a crush on her. He gave me a play vacuum. I loved it. He was a very kind person.

I also loved loved loved that push-toy with the popcorn bubble of rattling colored balls. I could run around with that for hours.

Somehow, I'm thinking of all the things I lost somewhere along the way, tonight. I can't remember all the CDs I'd burned to my computer/external drive that are now gone forever... but these lost toys are tangible, today.


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