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Class was today. Late, me, because I'd been bound and determined to get decent brushes for the decoration I'm doing on my tea bowls.

I had eight porcelain tea bowls, a saki set, and various altered vases to trim and decorate before the bisque firing. And the residents had emptied the gas kiln, so eight of my teabowls from that process were waiting for me. I piled them up in front of my workspace and went to town on the porcelain. Everyone was touching the finished tea bowls. They really liked the bowls. One woman even stacked them up so they made a sort of totem of tea.

My teacher is pretty chill, and I like her personally, but our styles are very different. That being said, next week, we're going to put together some tea pots. I decided it's about time I started making complex forms again. On Friday, I'll throw some bodies and spouts, maybe pull a few handles, and see what we can make of it all next Wednesday.

I was late leaving class, and the director of the ceramics department came in, saw my pile o bowls, and said, "So you'.re the one making those. I saw them come out of the kiln and knew those had been made by a potter.':


He wanted to know all about what was going on, so I told him, black slip, white slip, black liner, shino... he loved it.

And asked if I was interested in being his TA. 

Um. Yes.

But, it would mean no more date night with Delicious. I'd have to TA both his Friday classes to get full tuition break, because his classes are small, only five or so people in each, and in order to get the breaks and the perks, the class has to have ten. But dood. Blair Meerfeld called me a POTTER. Said it's good to see someone in the Studio with some maturity and creativity.  or something to that effect. I was too busy squeeing in my head to actually listen.

He also strongly urged me to do the student pottery sale. So I did. I'm signed up and oh boy. Here we go.

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I am going to UMUC, starting whenever I can get enough loans and scholarships to cover the tuition. I don't have an extra penny to put into my own education, alas... but look at me, ma, I'm going back to COLLEGE!

But not until I prove that they should exempt me out of English 101. FEH.

Anyway. COLLEGE. ONLINE. If I have to sit at my client's office and do my homework, I will. I wonder. Can I make ends meet for a while with editing and this one dude? Let's see how hellish the course load is.
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I woke today, very sad. You see, my boyfriend, Jason Statham, was being terribly rude, distant and disconnected with me, and I finally figure it out. And it dawned on me that, there, all the time, had been the perfect man for me in the form of my platonic friend, Hugh Jackman. And i wondered if I'd blown it with him or if he was still waiting patiently for me to stop being an idiot...

and then  I woke up...

and realized, there is no Hugh Jackman waiting for me to get a clue.


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