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The White House Christmas--and one of my organization's creations featured in the official video!
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Serendipity and I had been talking about taking a short vacation getaway, just the two of us. I'd mentioned somewhere on Solomother that I'd like to go to Savannah, GA -- something he'd noticed and catalogued away, and when our thoughts turned to where to go, he remembered when I didn't.

So we sta rted to mull over the possibilities, but I wasn't terribly enthused, and he wasn't doing anything to move the quest along. Didn't seem thrilling. And the more I thought about it, researching hotels and airfare, the less I wanted to be beholden to someone else's airline schedule.

I just want to get away with him for a while. I started thinking about trips I've taken, closer to home.

Harper's Ferry. Orange, Virginia. North Carolina. And I got an idea.

Now? We're packing the bikes on the back of his Mini Cooper and taking off for wine country, Virginia. I don't know how much biking we can do, nor how much we're in shape for. I'll look at some rails to trails, and probably buy a bike map book of the region to ponder our options. But there's a mystery dinner theater, and celebrations and festivals all weekend. I'm excited.

We've got reservations for a murder mystery dinner at one winery, and there is the 247th annual  Celebration of American Wine. Fencing begins at 9:30AM, all other events at 11. A winding map of wineries to explore.

Last night we went to my friend Erin's birthday party. And it was also her boyfriend's birthday party, as the two of them are what, a day apart? or on the same day? It was so good to see her so happy, and with someone who makes her so happy. He would often seek her out just to kiss the top of her head, or pull her close for a second. and she finally got to meet Serendipity. And he and I sat at the bar and watched the Sox win over the Orioles. And we tumbled into bed exhausted and happy. Woke up that way, too. I wish we could spend Saturday nights at his house again. I miss being with all the boys.

I've decided that, come hell or high water, I will be out of my company and somewhere better by the end of June.

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My cards should be here any day now. I haven't really seen them... but the photo is one my mother took of me and the boo... I've never let myself be photographed without makeup on. We'll see how it turns out when it's in my hot little hand.

So if you would like a card from me and the kid, please leave your name and addy under the comments, screened for your protection of course!



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