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He found a curly piece of brown wrapping paper left over from a package I sent out on Friday. He'd been walking around the house with a pencil stuck behind his ear for well over an hour, must have found it in the open drawer full of such things. Suddenly he's at the dining room table, a box of puzzles on one end of the strip, a roll of packing tape on the other. "You tell me how to write the words, mama," he called, and laboriously began.

This is what he wrote... he only asked me how to spell the words, didn't ask my advice on the story or anything:

GO BUT LEV a PACKAGE BUT DNOT BE DiscOURAGED YOU DO L(here he drew a heart, having dispaired of spelling the word 'love' but not wanting to ask me how to spell it) ME WA(mistake)(mistake)TER GO NOB(heart) i

No, I don't understand it, either. But he rolled it up and declared it was a letter like one you give to a king. "You mean, like a scroll?"
"Yeah! Isn't that cool?"

He also uses words like 'egress' and 'surface' in everyday conversation.

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Date: 2007-12-16 03:55 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The writer in you shows up in him even at this age. You are an amazing mother. Be proud of yourself!!
kiss, kiss~

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Date: 2007-12-19 04:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fitfool.livejournal.com
Very cool kid. If he's into the scrolls and stuff, maybe he would like Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper? I read it when I was a youngun' (older than your son though) and would go around sprinkling 'prithee' and 'pray tell' into things.


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