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I heart my kid's teacher so hard. She gets my kid. She gets me. She is so thrilled to be working with him, and agrees that he is a special little guy who needs a bit different treatment than most of her other kids. She was heartbroken to find that he's still being hazed by his classmates, and is thinking of starting some trust games on Fridays at the end of the day to get the kids thinking more positively.

She had nothing but positive things to say about him.  He needs to catch up on adding and subtracting, but otherwise is confident that third grade work is by no means a stretch for him. He is beginning to help others in class, but gets frustrated when his students don't get it, even after he's explained it. I know he loves to share his knowledge, and so I've asked her to continue to encourage that, and I'll work on helping him understand that it's okay if someone doesn't get what he's saying, there's more than one way to learn.  If he can get used to saying, "Well, that's how I know to explain it, but maybe Soandso can try to explain it differently," and involve someone else in the process.

The KoE himself is in a great mood again. I think this time we've spent together over the past four days has helped him regain his balance, and his confidence. My mom will take lunch/recess tomorrow and Thurs, I'll do Wed and Friday.  We'll do this until he has learned how to transition himself out of surprises and disappointments. For now, he needs an external voice walking him through the steps.

And we've also decided that the negative voices in his head need to be given an atomic wedgie any time they show up.

I need a nap.

ETA: I totally forgot the happiest part of what I wanted to write here. This morning, we slept in, and he came pottering over to my bed around nine (nine!!) to snuggle. We had a great snuggle, a rough and tumble interlude, and lots of giggles. More, please.


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